The World’s Freshest Virgin Coconut Oil

In beautiful Bali, locally grown, wild harvested “Bali Tall” coconuts are hand-pressed into pure, extra virgin coconut oil within one hour of being opened. How? Our DME ( Direct Micro Expelled) process hand select best coconuts and we make this oil ourselves. We don’t buy from third party and pack it. We are committed village orientated social enterprise. We are serious about coconut sustainability, small scale farmer development, erasing rural poverty and empowering lives in some of the world’s poorest coconut communities.

Nyuh Bali Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is the only hand made virgin coconut oil that is 100% village produced within one hour of the opening the fresh coconut. Most coconut oil in Bali claiming to be VCO in Bali are derived from the separation of coconut milk ( oil v’s water ) and the only return to coconut growers are small price they receive from middle man for their coconuts.

With so many oil brand now in the market it’s hard to know which coconut oil to choose. Separated or fermented oils contain higher moisture contents with ” synthetic” tastes and smell, refined coconut oil processing removes the natural anti oxidants and volatilizes that give the Nyuh Bali pure virgin coconut oil its special coconut flavor and aroma. Most quality “cold pressed” claimed virgin coconut oil are mass produced in large scale dairy industry like process with the final product a blend of different quality of oils.

We make great tasting coconut oil, very low in moisture with a long shelf life. We are sensitive to Bali culture and spirituality, embrace Tri Hita Karana, are gender neutral in our employment, fair and sustainable in our methodology, zero waste in practice and give back to coconut communities we partner with.

We are the virgin coconut oil that is made in inclusive partnerships with the farmers that grow coconut, satisfying genuine marketing marketing claims such as FAIR, SUSTAINABLE, TRACE ABILITY, SINGLE ORIGIN, SMALL BATCH, HAND MADE, FRESH and NATURAL.